These high-quality bands are the perfect golfer gift for any sports team or athletics-related tournament. Choose your team's or organizations's color from the 10 color options and then customize with up to 4 logos.

Your active golfers will wear this waterproof/sweatproof watch during all of their sporting activities as it is so light and small you forget it's there. Really something that your golfers will appreciate and use often.

The price of $15 per band includes 2 logos of your choice (placement pictured above), + durable plastic 'bottles' the bands come in.

$15 per band
Includes up to 2 logos

Addional costs/options:
Logo set up: $65 per logo
3 logo cost: add .30c per band (placement options below)
4th logo cost: add .60c per band (placement options below)
Color Options: