Keeping Things Fresh

by GTS on July 23rd, 2012

Tournament Diagnostic
If you do things the same way you will get the same results

One of the challenges of Tournament Planners is breaking the mold. If we do the same thing year after year we will get the same results. How can we get away from doing the same thing as the past committees did? One of the best ways is to the do a Tournament Diagnostic (evaluation) of what really happened last year. Then make a conscience effort to change what you did for the better. Here are some sample questions to ask when evaluating last year’s event.

1. Did we reach our financial goal?
2. Did the golfers love the golf course and get value?
3. Did the volunteers do their part and reach the goals that you set for them?
4. Did the games and contests generate enough money?
5. Did Golfers get value in the Goodie Bag?
6. How much did the auction generate?
7. Did we sell enough sponsors? How can we sell more?
8. How many hours did staff put in? Was that in the budget?
9. How can we improve next year's event?
10. How soon can we get started for next year?

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