Sponsors: The Success of Your Event

by GTS on August 22nd, 2012


We all know that it is tougher to sell sponsors than it was in the past. The simple reason is that Companies are not giving to charities like they used to. The economy has taken its toll on many companies.

Why are many events still getting big sponsors? How are some big company donors? The reason is a return on investment. Many charities have figured out how to give their sponsors a return on their investment.

How do we give sponsors a return on investment? They simply want more business. Let’s think outside the box and not do things the way we used to do them.

Here are some ways to give sponsors more business:

1.      Put their Company name in the title of the event “Company Invitational”
2.      Link their website to yours.
3.      Do a blast email to your database for them.
4.      Give them a display table at your event.
5.      Hand out their brochures and samples at the event.
6.      Partner with the media and offer them advertising.
7.      Let the company representatives play golf with potential customers.
8.      Put company logo on merchandise given to golfers.
9.      Offer a list of golfers to sponsors to follow up with.
10.  Do a commercial for sponsor at the awards ceremony.

These are just s few ideas that will assist you in getting more sponsors.

Let us know if you need more ideas, we are here to help.

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