Building Tournaments

by GTS on December 5th, 2012


The average Golf Tournament has only 72 players and 8 sponsors. The number 1 goal of every Tournament Planner is to build their event with golfers and more sponsors. As we build our event year after year here are some things to remember that will help:
1.      Make sure all of the golfers enjoy their experience.
2.      Have as many winners as possible.
3.      Give golfers something to remember you by.
4.      Do a golfer survey
5.      Make sure that sponsors received the maximum return on investment.
6.      Give sponsors a thank you gift.
7.      Do a wrap up meeting to discuss how you can improve for next year.
8.      Follow up with golfers throughout the year.
9.      Get back with sponsors early, 6 months before your event.
10.  Give sponsors even more exposure next year.
The moral of this story is under sell and over deliver. Keep them coming back bigger and better.

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