Myths and Misconceptions

by GTS on April 9th, 2013

The Golf Tournament Industry has changed. It is not like it used to be. Many of us have seen a lot of changes over the years. The reason; you now have a lot of competition. There are over 1 million golf outings in the US annually. It seems like every group is doing one. Many of these outings are failing or at least not reaching the goals that they desire. Why is that? Why is it so hard to make big money, fill your field with golfers and sell sponsors?
Myths and Misconceptions. Many of these events have been operating under false pretenses. The wrong information has been handed down over the years, committee to committee, old school thinking. What are these Myths and misconceptions? How can we change our thinking? How can we get out of the old school of thinking and take our events to the next level?
Lets look at some of these beliefs and try to set the record straight.  
#1. Are easy fund raisers - They are not for everyone, you must have teh right stuff.
#2. Companies want to Sponsor - You need to give them business, return on investment.
#3. Are great exposure for sponsors - You must give them more exposure and business.
#4. Golfers won’t pay much to play – They have money, give them more and they will pay more. 
#5. Formats are not important – The right format increases participation and income.
#6. Golfers are concerned with a Charity Tax write off – They would rather play in great event.
#7. Golfers don’t care what golf course they play – It is very important, that is why they play in events.
#8. Staff people should run the golf tournament – Volunteers should.
#9. Volunteers wont work for incentives – They will work harder for a reason.
#10. Tournament Gifts are not important – Golfers want good stuff, keep them coming back.

Good luck with your next event!

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