Most Popular Tournament Scoring Methods

by GTS on July 17th, 2013

TOP 10 Golf Tournament Scoring Methods
Scoring your tournament is more important than we think. Golfers want to win and they want to win fairly. At the same time they want to understand how the scoring is done. In many cases we let the golf course do the scoring and we accept what they do. You need to understand scoring methods so that you can explain it to golfers and know who wins fairly.
Here are the different scoring methods available to you.
1.      Stroke Play/ Metal Play – Golfers play and score their individual ball.
2.      Match Play – Winning the hole.
3.      Best Ball – Team playing their own ball but picking the best score on each hole.
4.      Scramble – Team playing the best shot of all golfers each time.
5.      Modified Scramble – Team picks the best drive, then playing their own ball the rest of the
6.      Callaway – Eliminating some good holes and bad holes.
7.      Peoria System – Blindly eliminating a few scores
8.      Stableford – Point system for scores.
9.      Gross – Scoring without handicaps
10.  Net – Scoring with handicaps.
These are brief descriptions. For detailed descriptions email us at
REAL TIME SCORING – With new technology Golfers can now see where they stand during the tournament. Golfers love this idea.

Good luck with your next event., let us know how we can assist you!

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