18 Key Tournament Planning Principles: #1 of 18

by GTS on January 28th, 2014

Over the next 18 weeks we will discuss the key steps in hosting a successful Golf Tournament. It is important to follow these steps to stay on track. Keep a file of them so that you will have a quick reference at all times.  
Step #1. Have a Focused Purpose and Business Plan
When planning a golf event you must have a main purpose. There are many reasons to host an event and it is easy to get distracted. Define your purpose and develop a plan to implement it. Here are the reasons people host an event, pick one and plan.
Fundraising – Raising money for a worthwhile cause
Entertaining – Working with clients, employees, members or donors.   
Exposure – Hosting a unique event that gets valuable media coverage
Networking – Bringing people together to build your organization.
Competition – Determining the best golfers in a category.
Once you have determined your purpose now you should create a business plan to follow and allow everyone on your team to be on the same page. Here are the key ingredients for your business plan.
Mission Statement – What is your purpose?
Goals & Objectives – How many golfers and how much are you raising
Target Market – What golfers and sponsors are you going after
Time Line and Action Items – All of the details
Responsibilities – Who is doing what
Marketing & Promotion – How are you getting the word out
Operations - Details of all activities
Once you have created a business plan, now it is time to communicate your message. Let everyone know what you are doing and state your purpose in several ways.
Business Plan – Have a mission statement
Website – Put it on the home page
Brochure – Make it clear on the front panel
Social Media – Get the word out on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
Committee – Let your team know what you are doing, memos and emails.
These are the first steps in getting started. If you need help with any of these areas please feel free to write or call us, we are here to assist you!

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