18 Key Tournament Planning Principles: #8 of 18

by GTS on April 9th, 2014

STEP # 8

The number one goal for every tournament is to fill the field with golfers, whether that is 144 or 80. To reach your goal is the objective. So how do we do it?
The first step to filling your field with golfers is to understand what they want. What is it that golfers want and why do the play in golf tournaments. Our research shows these top reasons for golfer participation.
Reasons Golfers Participate:
1.      Friends ask them.
2.      Clients invite them.
3.      Contacts for business are involved.
4.      Unique tournament appeals to their desire for something special.
5.      Value, they want more for their money.
6.      Sense of Urgency, they do not want to miss out on an event.
7.      The Cause is one in which they believe.
8.      Recognition, they want exposure for themselves and their company.
9.      Merchandise, they want cool golf stuff
10.    Food, Not just another hot dog.
As you will notice that the number one reason they play is because a friend asks them. If you want to fill your field with golfers you must implement the 9 – 4 – 4 rule: This is 9 committee members asking 4 people to bring a foursome. Do this and you will be sold out every year. 

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