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by GTS on July 17th, 2014

Sponsor Continuity Plans
It’s often said that it costs five times more to get a new customer than to maintain a current one.

How successful would your tournament be next year if you knew you already had 50%-75% of this years’ sponsors committed again?

A Sponsor Continuity Plan will help get you there!

A key element (or Task from a previous Tournament Tips) of your plan for this year’s tournament should be activities after the tournament.

This should include:

1.       A questionnaire or at least conversation with every foursome contributor
          and sponsor. Ask them, “How did we do”? Do you have any
          recomendations on how to make teh event better?
2.       A Sponsor Continuity Plan with all major sponsors to stay engaged. 

The Plan could be quarterly communications to them as well as invitations to your activities to keep the relationship fresh. Show the sponsors how their financial support is benefiting your organization and the community.

Make them a partner of your organization. Not just a sponsor.

With so many compelling Foundations and organizations out there doing amazing things, sponsors are continually being asked to contribute. The people they have the closest relationship with will often get the support.

And remember, whether your tournament is in the spring or fall most corporations have a fiscal year January 1 to December 31. They start their budgeting process for the next year in August - September. That will include their philanthropic funding.

If you stay engaged with them throughout the year it is a far easier “sell” to be included in next years’ budget when you ask in September.
Don’t wait until your tournament is three months out!

If you maintain relationships on an ongoing basis, continued support will be the natural result!

Then build on your success!

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