Getting the Best Price Possible From the Golf Course

by GTS on November 5th, 2014

For some of us it is time to book the golf course for next year. We are always trying to get the best deal possible. This does mean the cheapest golf course. This means the best value. Value means getting more than you pay for. This week I would like to discuss how the get the price possible. Next week we will discuss how to get the most value. Here are the top ways to get the best price from the golf course.
Build a Relationship – If they know you they will want to work with you. They want to help and will give you the best deal possible if you have a relationship with them.
Get them excited about your Charity or cause – Take the time to explain what you are doing, how much money that you are trying to raise and how it will help the community. If they get the vision they will want to help.
Be flexible with your calendar – If you can be flexible with your schedule you can get a better price. Look at the shoulder season when the weather is not perfect. Consider Monday through Thursday in the afternoon. These days and times can be better priced.  
Ask for additional services – If they cannot give you a better price, they may be able to give additional things and include services like food, gift certificates, free rounds of golf, sleeves of golf balls. Try asking, they may have something that you need. 
Bring them more business - All golf courses need more business. If you can show them how you can increase their business, they will be flexible. Bring other tournaments and events, promote their membership and daily rounds.  
Negotiate with other golf courses – If you know the prices of other golf courses and can get a better deal somewhere else, let them know, they want your business.  
Bring more golfers – Some golf courses want you to bring additional golfers and will give you a quantity discount, the more golfers that you bring the better the price. 
Course buy out – In some situations you may get a better price if you buy the whole course for the day, sometimes even half a day. Ask them the price for a buy out and compare it to the price for individual golfers.    

Let us know if we can provide any additional information or answer any questions you might have -

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