You're Golf Tournament Will Be Judged!

by GTS on May 23rd, 2017

Being just a reality of the Golf Tournament world; your event and organization will be judged by the Gifts, HIO Prizes, and Awards that you give out and your future participation will depend on positive impressions in these areas. 

If you give out leftover and donated coozies and t-shirts, then "cheap" is how your organization will be seen. Your reputation depends on it. Golfers will come back if they get cool stuff. 

The Goodie Bag or Players Tee package is the first thing that the golfers get when they arrive at your event and it sets the stage for the rest of the day. The goal is to present the WOW Factor. You want your golfers to see the Goodie Bag and say “WOW” this is going to be a great event. You do that by giving out cool stuff. Give them VALUE, more than their moneys' worth.    

Don’t panic, this should not cost you anything. You can get all of the things that you want to give away paid for by somebody else. Here is how it works.
  1. 1Acquire the best products for your sponsor $$ by working with GTS. See HERE ​for some great ideas on our website.
  2. Build the price of the item into a sponsor package.
  3. Sell the sponsor buy putting their logo on the item.

Quality Golf Shirts $25 each. 100 golfers x $25 = $2500. Charge you Title Sponsor $7500 which covers the cost of the shirts and nets your $5,000.

Your reputation (and next year's event) depends on it so give your golfers a great goodie bag and watch them return year after year.    

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