by GTS on April 11th, 2017

​The more effective your committee members are,
the productive your charity golf tournament will be!

Here are a few ideas of how to maximize the performance of your volunteer committee members:

  •             Find people with valuable contacts
  •             Find people that are committed
  •             Find people that are dependable
  •             Spend time training them how to sell
  •             Put their job description in writing
  •             Have them sign an agreement of responsibilities
  •             Give them a job title
  •             Include them in all communications
  •             Include them in decisions
  •             Give them specific goals
  •             Call them every week
  •             Ask for written reports every week
  •             Recognize them
  •             Give them thank you gifts
  •             Offer incentives to reach specific goals
Your committee members will take your event to all new levels. Train them and treat them right and you will be successful.

​Let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist you with any items for your event. Email or call (949)291-4951 - we would enjoy hearing from you!

by GTS on March 1st, 2017


There is a lot of competition in the Charity Golf Tournament World - as a tournament organizer, you should be looking to present your tournament as bigger and better than the others in order to enhance players and sponsors.

Lets make our events look bigger and better - how you ask? A great first step is with signs and banners that welcome the golfers and recognize your sponsors. This gives the event a professional feel.

Almost all charity events have the same type of signs - plastic yard signs mounted on a wire that belong more in a political race than a golf tournament. Instead, we highly recommend upgrading your hole sponsor signage with our Hole Sponsor Plaques - these high quality wood plaques serve as on course signage AND as a gift for the sponsor to take home and prodly display at their home or place of business. This makes them feel good year-round about their sponsorship and the whole time your tournament is getting recognized and advertised.

Professional Golf Tournaments use big signs, banners, and billboards; make your event feel like a big event with high-quality signs. Have bigger and more colorful signs. Use Sponsor Plaques to upgrade your hole sponsor signage. Your golfers will be impressed, your sponsors will love you, and more companies will want to be involved next year.
Signs That You Should Aim to have for a "Professional" appearance:

Tournament Welcome Banner: 3’ x 6’
Sponsor Board for Registration Area: 4’ x 2’
Customized Pin Flags on the Greens
Sponsor Plaques on Tee Boxes
Sponsor Plaques on Putting Green
Sponsor Plaques on Driving Range

Feel free to send us a message to request a NO-OBLIGATION signage proof for your upcoming tournament!

by GTS on December 6th, 2016

​Happy Holidays! Now is the time to start planning for your 2017 event - the earlier the better no matter what time of year your tournament might be, however spring tournaments need to get the ball rolling ASAP!

There many things to be doing even if you have snow on the ground - here is a sample check list that can get you started. Take your event to the next level by following these beginning steps for a successful 2017 Tournament:
1.      Pull your committee together and assign job responsibilities
2.      Do a survey with last year’s golfers
3.      Call 5 golf courses and get available dates and rates
4.      Put together list of last year’s sponsors and new potential sponsors
5.      Create Sponsor packages
6.      Put together a list of potential golfers
7.      Set up a website
8.      Develop a marketing plan
9.      Start looking for a great golfer gift for this year - view our GTS offerings here
10.    Send out a press release about your organization and how the funds are used.

We offer Logo'd gifts for your golfersSuperTicket Fundraising ($3k avg. profit), Sponsor PlaquesBanners,  HIO InsuranceShootout InsurancePutting InsuranceAwards, or anything else tournament related you might be shopping for. We are a COMPLETE resource for you and provide our 15+ years of tournament experience and knowledge to our customers. 

Feel free to call or email us for additional information or if you have any questions:

1 (877) GTS-0555 or

​We look forward to assisting you however we can in 2017!

by GTS on June 22nd, 2016

​Anyone can put on a charity golf tournament, but not everyone can produce a first class event that raises a lot of money and one that golfers return to year after year.

There are over 1,000,000 golf events in this country each year. The average golf tournament in the US raises $5,000. How does your golf tournament do? Is there room for improvement?

If you have hosted a golf tournament before, you have some expertise. In many cases we forget the little things that take our tournament to the next level. Are you ready to take your tournament to the next level?

Without further ado, here are 18 proven steps to producing a successful golf tournament.

#1: Defining Purpose and Setting Big Goals 

"Without vision the people will perish". It is important to have a clear path to your objective. Many groups want to have a golf tournament just because everyone else is. This is not a reason to have a golf tournament. There are several reasons to have a golf tournament: Client Entertainment, Fundraising, Public Relations, Competition, and Networking. 

Define your purpose and make sure that the whole committee is on the same page. Once you have a plan, stick to it. With your plan get specific with your goals. If fundraising is your goal decide how much money that you want raise and where the money is going. Sponsors and golfers will write checks easier if they know they are writing them to an organization that is organized and has a plan. 

#2: Staffing your Golf Tournament 

Do not attempt a golf tournament alone. You will get frustrated and burnt out. Golf tournaments are fun and exciting to be a part of. There are many people that want to volunteer on your team. They just need to be asked. Committees are essential for producing a successful event. When working with a committee, here are a few key things to remember: 
  1. Finding Volunteers - Committee members are found within your industry. Call on vendors and businesses in your industry. 
  2. Recruiting Volunteers - Give them what they want. They want to network, serve, make friends, pay dues, see action and get recognition.
  3. Give Volunteers Direction - Set goals and give instructions in writing. 
  4. Hold Volunteers Accountable - You will be more productive if you give direction and then watch them closely. Have reports turned in weekly.
  5. Reward your Volunteers - Your committee will be loyal and return year after if you give reward them with gifts, incentives, exposure and recognition. 

#3: Choosing the Right Tournament Format 

The format can make or break your event. The caliber of your players should determine the right format. Beginner golfers enjoy a scramble, good golfers enjoy a best ball format, and a mixed group of golfers enjoy a modified scramble. Consult your local pro for the best format for you. Mix up your events. Don't get stuck in the same rut year after year. Think about a Pro-AM, Celebrity-AM, Night Golf or a Golf-A-Thon. 

#4: Finding the Best Golf Course and Getting the Best Deal 

The golf course that you choose is one of the most important decisions that you make. The number one complaint that we hear about a golf tournament is regarding the golf course. Find out what your golfers want in a course, new, private, traditional, easy or difficult. The most important thing is that the golf course wants your business. That they will treat you and your golfers like welcomed guests and with the utmost customer service. Getting the best deal possible is a reality. Golf courses do make deals. When making the best deal here a couple of things to remember: 

1. Have a mutual contact and relationship 

2. Have a good cause 

3. Tournament during the shoulder season 

4. Monday - Thursday PM

5. Bring them additional business 

#5: How to Sell Sponsors 

Make no mistake, sponsors are the profit. The more sponsors you have the more money you will make. Sponsors are companies that want to give to your cause, build relations with your members and most important have a relation with you. Call on all of the vendors within your industry, give them value and the opportunity to invest. Remember the golden rule though, Sponsors want a return on investment. 

Also, to recognize your sponsors at your event, consider our Dual Purpose Sponsor Plaques which are high quality, custom designed, hand-build plaques that serve as on-course signage AND as a gift for your sponsors to take to their place of business or home and hang on their wall. This will make them feel great about their donation year round, all for equal to or less than the cost of an average 'plastic' sponsor sign. 

#6: How to Recruit Golfers

Without golfers you have no tournament. Golfers will play in your event if you show them a good time, you give them value and they have a relationship with you. You will sell out your tournament if you have 9 committee members that each sell 4 foursomes - 9 x 16 = 144. 144 golfers is a sold out event.

#7: Promoting Your Tournament:

Spending money on promotion is not necessary if you have a good committee and you produce a good event. Networking is the key. The best promotion is relationships. Golfers and sponsor will return year after. 

#8: Games & Contests 

Games and contests build memories. Beginner golfers enjoy additional activities on the course. Give them games and contests and they will remember your event. It also gives you an opportunity to announce more winners. The more winners you have the better. 

Incorporate all of your games into one streamlined fundraising package by utilizing our proven SuperTicket Tournament Fundraising which averages $3,000 PROFIT for charity tournaments.

#9: Quality Prizes 

The quality of prizes, determine the quality of your event. Give them quality merchandise. Try to trade with sponsors. Prizes include: Tee Package - Given to the golfers when they arrive Contest Prizes, Winner Prizes, Raffle Items, Auction Items 

#10: Golf Tournament Operations

Sweat the details. Watch everything from the spelling of everyone's name to starting on time. Inform all of the committee of all of the details so that they can be helpful. 

#11: Time Line 

Start 6 months in advance, reserve the golf course 5 months out, contact sponsors as soon as possible, contact golfers 60 days in advance. 

#12: Budgets 

Don't spend more than you bring in and your event will be profitable. Charge for all playing spots. Sponsors are your profit. 

#13: Additional Revenue 

Mulligan's, gambling hole, contests, raffles and auctions can take you event to a new level. 

#14: Food & Beverage 

Give them great food, but not too much before the tournament. Pay for their drinks. 

#15: Lodging 

Find 5 to 10 hotels within 10 minutes of the golf course for you're out of the area guests. Have high-end and low-end facilities for them to choose from. 

#16: Signage

Without question our High-Quality Sponsor Plaques  are the best way to recognize your sponsor and not break the bank as they serve as on-course signage AND as a gift for your sponsors. All plaques are customized and hand-built for your tournament.

The more sponsor signs that you have the bigger your event will look and it will encourage more sponsors for next year! Check out our banners ​and corrugated signs for additional sponsor recognition.

#17: Photography & Video 

Team and individual photos will build memories. Include photos in all of your packages. Consider a video. It is a great opportunity for a sponsor to get exposure. 

#18: Wrap Up & Follow Up 

Pay your bills, clean up and write thank you letters. Build a reputation of thoughtfulness. 

​Let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist you with any items for your event. Email or call (949)582-1600 - we would enjoy hearing from you!

by GTS on June 14th, 2016

We have all sat around a committee meeting and said. “We need to try something new”, yet we end up doing the same old thing year after year.

Here are 10 different ideas that you may want to try at your charity golf tournament 2016:
Celebrity Am – Put a local celebrity in every foursome
Pro Am – Put a local golf pro in every foursome
Golfathon – Golfers raise pledges and play 100 holes of golf
Night Golf – Evening event with glowing balls
Themed event – Golfers dress up with a theme
Golf Ball Drop – Raffle in the sky
Canon Shot – Shot golf balls from a canon
Long Drive Champs – Hitting the drive for golfers
Serious competition – Pro Style event for Gift cards
Packaging – Offer all additional activities in a package

​These are just the basics. To receive a FREE PLANNING GUIDE with more details please email us at

Let us know how we can assist you in making your 2016 golf tournament your best yet!

by GTS on February 18th, 2016


2015 is behind us and 2016 is now upon us. Time flies by and before you know it your golf tournament will be here.  The best way to produce a better event than last year is proper planning and execution - brainstorm what would make for a better event and execute those ideas! Plan now and you will be ahead of the game. Here are the key steps to plan properly; follow these steps and you will be successful!
Have a clear purpose and objective: How much money would you like to raise and where is the money going? Consider our SuperTicket Fundraising Program - turn-key fundraising featuring vacations and a $100,000 shootout which have averaged $3,000 profit since 2001!
Recruit a motivated and connected volunteer committee: Share your vision and get them excited.
Find a golf course that gets golfers excited: Golfers will play in your event because of the golf course.
Choose a format that makes lots of winners: The more winners that you have the more people will come back next year.
Create golfer packages that encourages participation: Give golfers something to come for! Something that will be branded with the tournament's logo and/or a sponsor's logo that will stay in their lives and be used - see all of our Golfer Gift options for some great ideas and tried/true favorites. 
Promote your event to a target market and show quality: Promote a first class event to a specific group. Don’t be all things to all people.
Sell bigger sponsors by offering them a return on investment: Sponsors want customers and exposure.
Plan games and contests that generate money: Increase your bottom line with games that generate money.
Have an awards ceremony that is fun and allows networking: Keep golfers around and give them a reason to stay. Also the more awards you can hand out the better! We make buying awards easy and budget friendly - check out our Awards and Trophies to see how much money you can save versus local award shops.
Follow up with golfers and sponsors and they will give more: Don’t allow them to forget you and they will give you more for your cause. 

These are just the basics. To receive a FREE PLANNING GUIDE with more details please email us at

Let us know how we can assist you in making your 2016 golf tournament your best yet!

by GTS on November 25th, 2015


A Title Sponsor can bring your organization an extra $5,000 to $25,000 in profit!

What is a Title Sponsor at a Golf Tournament? A Title Sponsor is the highest sponsorship offered and is sold with the company's name being integrated into Title of the event. For example; “The Wells Fargo Arthritis Foundation Invitational”. There is a lot of value in the Title Sponsorship, if it is structured right. ​

There are 3 key points to selling a Title Sponsorship:
  1. Know your demographics and audience
  2. Having a relationship with the owner or president of the company
  3. Create sponsorship packages that offer a good return on investment

Here is a Sample Title Sponsor Package:

  • Company Name in Title of the Event (Xerox)
  • Company Name and Logo in all Promotional Material, Brochures, Posters, Merchandise
  • Company Name in all Advertising and PR efforts, Direct mail, Newsletters, Faxes, e-mails
  • Event Signage, Hole Signs, Banners, Tee Boxes, Carts
  • Discounts offered to your customers
  • Company information given to all participants
  • Foursome for staff
  • Display table at the event
  • Company Name and Logo on Winners Trophies.
  • Company Executive to MC Awards Ceremony
  • Exclusivity
  • Annual Event
  • Subcontractor participation
  • Investment $35,000 to $50,000

Sell a Title Sponsor, you will make more money!

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist you with any items for your event - email or call (949)582-1600 - we would enjoy hearing from you!

by GTS on September 29th, 2015

The Best Golf Tournament Possible
We have had the opportunity to work with and talk to thousands of tournaments throughout the US over the past 15 years. We have found that the average tournament only nets $5000, but is that the only determining factor in judging a golf event? Is it all about the money or is it about experience? Golfers are the real deciding factor. Do golfers enjoy your event and do they keep coming back? That is the big question.
To determine what is a great golf tournament we have to ask ourselves several questions: Did the golfers have a great time? Will they be back next year? Do they tell others about their experience? If we can answer these questions we will know whether we have a great event or not.
After talking with many golfers and tournament organizers we have found that what they want is a great golf tournament. The following is what golfers are looking for in a great even:
They want a golf course in great condition. One that is not too difficult and they can play well. Staff that is friendly and helpful. A 4 to 5 hour round, with a fore caddy if possible.  
A quality goodie bag or player gift package that might include a golf shirt, hat, balls, glove and towel. Gifts that they can use and remind them of your event and all golfers want to walk away with something.
Winners come back. Golfers love to win. Make sure that everyone is a winner, whether that is 1st, 2nd or 3rd or in an on-course game or contest such as; Closest to the pin, long drive or putting contest.  
Golfers love to eat. Spend a little more on food and it will go a long way. They will talk about the food. Pay for their drinks, it makes a great impression. 
Golfers want to take the day off of work, play golf and call it work. Promote the event as a way to meet other people in business. Insure that during the day everyone gets a chance to meet one another. Try a mixer during the awards ceremony. 
A great experience includes the whole day. Staring with a smooth registration process, clear instructions, time to warm up, stretch, talk with others.  A clear scoring process and not waiting too long to get the results and a fun and upbeat awards ceremony.  
Now that we have identified what makes a great golf tournament, now the question is how do we get there? What does it take to make this happen. All of this takes money and manpower.
Try these and you will keep golfers coming back year after year!

​Feel free to contact us with any questions: or call (949)582-1600 - we would love to hear from you!

by GTS on July 2nd, 2015

We have seen it time and time again... a tournament will only present awards to the 1st place team or 1st and 2nd but the quality of the awards just isn't great - or they decide to just do gift cards. Don't do this at your tournament! Many golfers relish being presented with an award and proudly display it at their office or home - which fondly remembers them of your tournament and come next year they are more likely to attend again. 

Physical awards also serve as conversation pieces which will promote your event - IE: "Hey John that's a nice ___________ (longest drive, closest to the pin, 1st place, etc.) award you have on your desk - what tournament did you win that at?" John proceeds to tell his college how fun the tournament was and why he should play in his foursome next year. Another golfer added to your tournament without any marketing efforts on your part!
Your goal should be to make as many winners as possible. Winners, especially, come back year after year. There are many ways to make winners... here are just a few examples:
Winning Categories
1st, 2nd 3rd Place Team (Flight A, B, C)
36 Winners
Recommended GTS Award  or Recommended GTS Award

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Individual (Flight A, B, C)  
9 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 

Last Place Team                                                                
4 Winners
Recommended GTS Award  (Bobblehead - comes with "Honesty Award" custom engraving)

Closest to the Pin Pars 3’s (Men)                                      
4 Winners
Recommended GTS Award  (wedge)

Closest to the Pin Pars 3’s (Women)                                  
4 Winners
Recommended GTS Award  (wedge)

Long Drive Men Front & Back Nine                                
 2 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 

Long Drive Women Front and Back Nine                        
 2 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 

Straight Drive Front and Back                                            
2 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 

Long Putt (each par 3)                                                      
4 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 

Make sure to have plenty of great raffle prizes too! Couple with our SuperTicket Tournament Fundraising to maximize your donations.
The better the prize, the better the memory. Give them really nice awards and they will come back, and bring their friends!

by GTS on April 29th, 2015

​The Golden Rules for Golf Tournaments

  1.  Have a clear plan and purpose
  2. Money Raised must go to a worthwhile cause - use our SuperTicket Fundraising for the easiest and most effective way to raise funds at your golf tournament
  3. A social and hard working volunteer committee is the secret to any successful tournament
  4. A Committee must be trained, motivated and have contacts 
  5. The Right format brings more golfers and raises more money
  6. Golfers can usually play the course your golf tournament is being help at for less $ than your registration fee - make this up to them in VALUE (golfer gifts, HIO Insurance, Awards, etc.)
  7.  Give your sponsors return on their investment (Sponsor Plaques)
  8.  Golfers play because their friend asks them
  9.  Promote to a targeted market
  10. Your event will be judged by the gifts and prizes you give out
  11. Games and Contests should generate 25% more money
  12. Give yourself 6 months to plan
  13. Auctions raise BIG money when done right
  14. Give your golfers more and they will pay you more (SuperTicket Fundraising- $3,000 avg. profit per tournament)
  15. Turn your awards ceremony into a party - the more awards the better! (Awards)
  16. Make everyone a winner
  17. Stay in touch with golfers and sponsors throughout the year
  18. Enjoy the process!!

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