Cooling Towels

These towels are made of a special material that cools up to 30 degrees lower than outside temperature when wet. Simply wet the cooling towel by soaking the towel in water. Hold the towel on each end and "snap" it to activate it.
Place around your neck and stay cool for hours!

Artic Cooling Towel
Full Towel Graphic Imprint
$9.95 Each
Callaway Cooling Towel
Comes in Air Tight Resealable Bottle
$19.85 Each
Mission Premium Cooling Towel
Includes: Towel w/ your logo imprinted
$21.75 each
Mission Premium Cooling Towel Kit
Includes: Includes Cooling Towel, Sleeve of Balls, Divot tool/Marker/Tees Pack - Logo on All
$33.75 each