Credit Card Acceptance Program

It is a well known fact that if you accept credit cards at your tournament, your revenues will dramatically increase. It’s Simple - golfers spend more with plastic rather than cash.

Why do Golfers spend more?

  • A “paper trail” for tax purposes
  • Credit card companies offer incentives - air miles and gift awards
  • They always have their credit cards on hand - not the same with cash

The GTS program offers these great features:

  • Accept credit cards via mail, telephone or internet
  • NO early termination or cancellation fees
  • NO lengthy contract to deal with
  • Low transaction fee rates
  • Tournament equipment support: full customer service and support on all of your transactions
  • Securely input all of our transactions directly into your bank account
  • BONUS: Free use of either a manual or electronic terminal the day of the event; saves a minimum of $300 in hardware rental

What does it cost for use on the day of your tournament?

  • One time account establishment cost = $159.99
  • Discounted rate per credit card transaction = 2.49% (minimum transaction fee of $25.00)
  • Per transaction fee = $.30

Call us to set up credit card acceptance for your tournament!