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Why choose GTS for your Hole-in-One Insurance?

  • Security: 'A' Rated Prize Protection: Our policies are underwritten by Lexington Insurance Company (top rated) for your confidence and security. Winners are paid within a few weeks after the tournament, on average.

  • Upgraded Signage: Our premium wood plaques are customized to display the prize on each hole and your tournament title/logo + any sponsors you would like to recognize. All included in the price of your insurance. 

  • Quick Payment on Claims: We're not the '1-800' guys: We're a brick and mortar business in Laguna Hills, CA.. in the event that a hole-in-one made, we do all the work and will get the approval process started right away to ensure the lucky winner receives their cash or prize ASAP.

  • Automatic Re-instatement: Free coverage for multiple holes in one: every hole-in-one wins the prize. Larger HIO companies usually do not offer this automatic prize re-instatement.

  • Customization: We will work with you to customize your insurance to whatever parameters you would like

  • Low-Price Guarantee: We compete with all legitimate hole-in-one insurance quotes

  • $3,150,800 PAID on HIO claims to date (as of 1/1/19)

Types of HIO Insurance offered by GTS:

Our Prize Packages provide a prize for each par 3 at one low price per player,
starting at $2.00 per player
Use these rates if you have a prize in mind that you would like to insure for a single par 3 hole


Give a few of your golfers a chance to win $100,000, $500,000, or even $1 Million by making one shot after or before the tournament - everyone watches, creates A LOT of excitment!