Interested in putting insurance but single putts are a bit too expensive for your event? Or would you like to insure a large # of golfers and not break the bank? Multiple-putt putting insurance is your solution!

This insurance is issued in the same way as single-putt insurance and requires all the same parameters such as no practice putts, videotape..etc. however instead of the golfer needing to make a single putt to win the insured prize, the golfer must make a series of putts consecutively to win instead of just one single putt.

This serves to create ALOT of excitement, sometimes more than single putt insurance since the pressure is really on to make the putts consecutively!
NOTE: Multiple Putts must be insured for at least $5,000; Minimum of 4 putts
Please note:
  • Rates are for amateur golfers only.
  • No practice putts allowed on putting surface on which the insured putts will be taken.
  • All putts must be made consecutively without interruption, from the shortest distance to the longest distance without missing.
  • New contestants must re-tee their initial putt at least 5 feet away from the previous putter's line – meaning each contestant participating must have a unique line to the hole being putted to
  • Full unedited (or paused) video of each putt showing the following sequence: (1) video of the measurement of the putt, (2) marking of the measurement, (3) the golfer striking the ball, (4) following the ball from the golfer to the hole.
  • Putting insurance is limited to a maximum value of $50,000 per putt - any value over $10,000 is subject to underwriting approval.
  • Unless otherwise specified, the prize value does not restore; in the event of multiple winners, the prize value will be split among the winners.
  • It is the purchasing party's responsibility to ensure the green the putts are to take place on can accomodate the insured distances