Why Putting Insurance for your event?

Putting contest insurance allows golf tournament organizers and sponsors to give participants the opportunity to win amazing prizes such as new cars, cash, or almost anything else you can think of if someone sinks an insured putt before, during or after a golf tournament. This serves to create a lot of excitement!

Why GTS Putting Insurance?

  • 'A' Rated Prize Protection: Our policies are underwritten by Lexington Insurance Company (top rated) for your confidence and security

  • We're not the '1-800' guys: We're a brick and mortar business in Laguna Hills, CA.. in the event that an insured putt is made, we will get the approval process started right away to ensure the lucky winner receives their prize ASAP.

  • Coordination with the course: We will work directly with the golf course staff to ensure all insurance requirements are met and to make sure the tournament director is aware of the insurance in place for your event.

  • $84,200 PAID in putting insurance claims, to date.

How to calculate GTS Putting Insurance rates for your event:

  • First determine how much you want to insure your putt(s) for (ie: how much the golfer will win if they make their putt) and break this number down to a 'per $1000 number' (ex: $10,000 would be 10)

  • Then determine how long you want your putt(s) to be and find the corresponding rate below:
  • Lastly, take the rate that matches the distance you would like and multiply by the 'per $1000' figure you determined
NOTE: Putting insurance policies must be insured for $3,000 or more, from any distance.

This will give you the rate for one insured putt at your amount and distance.


You would like a 70' putt insured for $5,000...

Calculation: $48 x 5 (for $5,000) = $240

This Putting Insurance would be: $240.00
Please note:
  • Rates are for amateur golfers only.

  • Full unedited (or paused) video of each putt showing the following sequence: (1) video of the measurement of the putt, (2) marking of the measurement, (3) the golfer striking the ball, (4) following the ball from the golfer to the hole.

  • New contestants must re-tee their initial putt at least 5 feet away from the previous putter's line – meaning each contestant participating must have a unique line to the hole being putted to.

  • Putting insurance is limited to a maximum value of $50,000 per putt - any value over $10,000 is subject to underwriting approval.

  • Unless otherwise specified, the prize value does not restore; in the event of multiple winners, the prize value will be split among the winners.