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There is a lot of competition in the Charity Golf Tournament World - as a tournament organizer, you should be looking to present your tournament as bigger and better than the others in order to enhance players and sponsors.

Lets make our events look bigger and better - how you ask? A great first step is with signs and banners that welcome the golfers and recognize your sponsors. This gives the event a professional feel.

Almost all charity events have the same type of signs - plastic yard signs mounted on a wire that belong more in a political race than a golf tournament. Instead, we highly recommend upgrading your hole sponsor signage with our Hole Sponsor Plaques - these high quality wood plaques serve as on course signage AND as a gift for the sponsor to take home and prodly display at their home or place of business. This makes them feel good year-round about their sponsorship and the whole time your tournament is getting recognized and advertised.

Professional Golf Tournaments use big signs, banners, and billboards; make your event feel like a big event with high-quality signs. Have bigger and more colorful signs. Use Sponsor Plaques to upgrade your hole sponsor signage. Your golfers will be impressed, your sponsors will love you, and more companies will want to be involved next year.
Signs That You Should Aim to have for a "Professional" appearance:

Tournament Welcome Banner: 3’ x 6’
Sponsor Board for Registration Area: 4’ x 2’
Customized Pin Flags on the Greens
Sponsor Plaques on Tee Boxes
Sponsor Plaques on Putting Green
Sponsor Plaques on Driving Range

Feel free to send us a message to request a NO-OBLIGATION signage proof for your upcoming tournament!

by GTS on March 28th, 2019

These golfers walked away with big prizes from charity tournaments that we insured in 2018 - check out our HIO Prize Packages to give your golfers the chance to win big at your event!

Mark Razook of Anaheim, CA

John Lavery of Mission Viejo, CA

John donated his full $5,000 prize to the META Foundation!

Teevan McManus of San Diego, CA

by GTS on January 28th, 2019

Now is the time to start planning for your 2019 event. The earlier the better no matter what time of year your tournament might be, however spring tournaments need to get the ball rolling ASAP!

There many things to be doing even if you have snow on the ground - here is a sample check list that can get you started. Take your event to the next level by following these beginning steps for a successful 2019 Tournament:
1.      Pull your committee together and assign job responsibilities
2.      Do a survey with last year’s golfers
3.      Call 5 golf courses and get available dates and rates
4.      Put together list of last year’s sponsors and new potential sponsors
5.      Create Sponsor packages
6.      Put together a list of potential golfers
7.      Set up a website
8.      Develop a marketing plan
9.      Start looking for a great golfer gift for this year - view our GTS offerings here
10.    Send out a press release about your organization and how the funds are used.

We offer Logo'd gifts for your golfers, SuperTicket Fundraising ($3k avg. profit), Sponsor Plaques, Banners,  HIO Insurance, Shootout Insurance, Putting Insurance, Awards, or anything else tournament related you might be shopping for.

We are a COMPLETE resource for you and provide our 17+ years of tournament experience and knowledge to our customers.

Feel free to call or email us for additional information or if you have any questions:

1 (877) GTS-0555 or

We look forward to assisting you however we can in 2019!

by GTS on September 14th, 2018

​Selling golf tournament sponsorships is one of the most important aspects of a successful event.  Offering the golf carts as a stand alone sponsorship opportunity is a profitable and  valuable
(to the sponsors) way to help your event raise more money. 

The golf cart is the single most repetitive point of exposure for golfers during a tournament.  The players are in and out of the cart a 100 times and this translates into advertising impressions.  Having one player exposed to a sponsoring company's logo on a cart 100 times is more valuable than having that same player see a hole sign 1 time.  The golf cart is a valuable piece of property!  This has to be conveyed to the potential sponsoring company so that they see the extreme value.


One of the best ways to give your sponsor the best bang for their buck, is to have a static cling sign made that sticks on the cart.  Either on the acrylic windshield or on the front bumper.  These can be made for as little as $7.25 each and are printed in full color so the sponsor will be happy with how their logo or name appears.  There is no glue or tape associated with these clings so the golf course personnel can apply and take off with ease, and no mess.
​Sell the sponsorship for $1,500.00 and if you have 100 players in your event, you will need 50 clings at $7.25 each.  You will NET $1,137.50 just from the golf cart sponsorship.  Repeat the same for the two beverage carts that will be on the course.  Sell each of these for $300.00 and you will NET $592.00!

Sell both of these sponsorships to add an additional $1,730.00 to your bottom line.  Not bad at all!

Combine with our hand made Sponsor Plaques to really impress your golfers and sponsors!

by GTS on June 14th, 2018

​We have seen it time and time again... a tournament will only present awards to the 1st place team or 1st and 2nd but the quality of the awards just isn't great - or they decide to just do gift cards. Don't do this at your tournament! Many golfers relish being presented with an award and proudly display it at their office or home - which fondly remembers them of your tournament and come next year they are more likely to attend again. 

Physical awards also serve as conversation pieces which will promote your event - IE: "Hey John that's a nice ___________ (longest drive, closest to the pin, 1st place, etc.) award you have on your desk - what tournament did you win that at?" John proceeds to tell his college how fun the tournament was and why he should play in his foursome next year. Another golfer added to your tournament without any marketing efforts on your part!
Your goal should be to make as many winners as possible. Winners, especially, come back year after year. There are many ways to make winners... here are just a few examples:
Winning Categories
1st, 2nd 3rd Place Team (Flight A, B, C)
36 Winners
Recommended GTS Award ​or Recommended GTS Award

1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Individual (Flight A, B, C)  
9 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 
Last Place Team                                                                
4 Winners
Recommended GTS Award  (Bobblehead - comes with "Honesty Award" custom engraving)

Closest to the Pin Pars 3’s (Men)                                      
4 Winners
Recommended GTS Award  (wedge)

Closest to the Pin Pars 3’s (Women)                                  
4 Winners
Recommended GTS Award  (wedge)

Long Drive Men Front & Back Nine                                
 2 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 

Long Drive Women Front and Back Nine                        
 2 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 

Straight Drive Front and Back                                            
2 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 

Long Putt (each par 3)                                                      
4 Winners
Recommended GTS Award 

Make sure to have plenty of great raffle prizes too! Include raffle tickets in your SuperTicket Fundraising Package offering to increase your gross donation amount from the tournament - golfers appreciate the one-donation approach that our SuperTicket offers, rather than buying raffle tickets before, during, and after the round. Take care of business, aka asking for donations, in the morning and leave them alone to enjoy their round and the beautiful course!
And back to the awards - remember the better the prize, the better the memory. Give them really nice awards and they will come back, and bring their friends!

Call us with any questions or just to discuss your event - toll-free: 1(888)GTS-0555

by GTS on April 13th, 2018

What does the perfect charitygolf tournament look like? We work with thousands of golf tournaments around the country and we see what the average golf tournament looks like compared to an ideal event. Keep in mind it is all relative what works for your organization and demographic - but here are some guidelines to follow to make your tournament more successful and more fun than the average charity golf tournaments:
THE BASICS, you need:
  1. A worthwhile cause
  2. Well connected committee members to bring in golfers
  3. A few months to plan
  4. A great golf course private or high end country club
  5. GTS SuperTicket Fundraising: to create excitement and raise money at your event
  6. Sponsors: Who you can recognize using our signature Sponsor Plaques
  7. Golfer Teams
  8. Awards


Sponsors: $20,000
Golfers: 120 @ $150 =$18,000
SuperTicket Fundraising: $5,000 (110 golfers purchase @ $50 per SuperTicket)
Auction: $20,000
Appeal/ Donations: $20,000

TOTAL: $83,000
Golf Course: 120 @ $75 = $9,000
GTS SuperTicket Fundraising: $1,100 (120 printed, 10 unsold and returned = 100 @ $10 each)
F & B: 120 @ $35 = $4,200
Gifts and Prizes: 120 @ $40 =$4,800
Website: $500
GTS Sponsor Plaques: $1,000 (40 @ $25 each)
Photography: $1,000
GTS HIO Insurance: $1,000
​GTS AwardsGTS Awards for your Winners: $800

TOTAL: $23,200
*NET PROFIT: $59,600*

Your results may vary but this is a great guideline to shoot for. Give us a call or email to assist you with your next event!

Toll-Free: (877)GTS-0555

by GTS on January 10th, 2018

As we start the new year it is now time to start planning your 2018 Golf Tournament. Even if there is snow on the ground, it is not too early to start planning.
Courtesy of GTS, here are the actions items and timeline for this year’s event:
  1. Put together your committee and assign responsibilities. 
  2. Define your purpose, objectives and goals. 
  3. Find a location and pick the date. 
  4. Decide on the format and the games and contests. 
  5. Create sponsor packages, identify potential sponsors and start selling. 
  6. Develop a promotion and marketing plan - this should include showing potential sponsors what their signage will look like at your event (the reason why they are paying). We highly recommend our handmade Wood Sponsor Plaques which start at just $25 and are handmade/customized for your event. These wood plaques serve as on-course signage (wire stand for tee box provided) AND as a custom gift for your sponsor to take home with them. A Great Value!
  7. Build a golfers’ package and start recruiting golfers. 
  8. Acquire gifts and prizes and let golfers know what they are.  Be sure they are unique and not just other hat and golf towel - See our Golfer Gift items to find something special that your golfers will love and keep them coming back in 2019.
  9. Develop a great auction (silent and/or live), acquire items and start promoting early.  Auctions are gravy money for your event. 
  10. Design an awards ceremony that makes money and is fun for attendees - the more awards you give away the more happy golfers you have! Check our wholesale priced awards options for a great deal - all award prices include custom laser engraving
Check of these 10 items and you'll be well on your way to a very successful event in 2018!

Feel free to call or email if there is anything we can do for you at this time.
Golf Tournament Specialists

by GTS on October 19th, 2017


As you start planning for your 2018 charity golf tournament, it might feel like trying to find your ball in the worst of the worst rough - well we're here to be your "tournament caddy" and tell you all you need to know to start putting your committee together - the committee is the key to your success and will make your visions of a great tournament a reality. The bigger the committee, the better - your event but it is important to recruit the right type of people. Committee members that are well connected in the community, well trained on how to do their job as a volunteer and properly motivated will take your event to levels that you never expected.
RECRUIT THE RIGHT PEOPLE: When recruiting volunteers for your committee remember these key steps:

  1. Recruit between 6 to 12 Committee Members.
  2. Make sure that you set goals for them and hold them accountable.
  3. Find committee members that know many people in the community. 

MOTIVATE THEM: Your volunteers will more productive and successful if you motivate them.

Here are just a few ideas on how to motivate and encourage them:
  1. Thank them with a gift.
  2. Recognize them with certificate and plaques.
  3. Give them incentives for their progress. 
Try these things and you will have a successful event because of your committee members.

by GTS on September 20th, 2017

​Sponsor Letters
The sponsor letter is a key part of your sponsor packages and selling sponsors. They can make or break the sale. They need to be clear, concise and to the point. You need to give the potential sponsor a reason to read the letter and view the enclosed sponsor packages.
Your letter should include a couple of key ingredients. Introduction, a little about your organization and what the money is used for and how they will benefit from the exposure and involvement. The most important part of any sponsor letter that is sent out is followed up. If you do not plan on following up with a phone call and meeting, do not bother sending out the letter and packages.
Here is a sample of a sponsor letter:

Dear _________, 
We would like to present an exciting golf event that will give you an opportunity to entertain clients and gain exposure to potential clients. This tournament will include golfers from around the community and will raise money for a worthwhile cause.
(Describe Organization and who it benefits)
The 1st Annual (tournament title) will start with a shotgun start at 8:00 a.m. on March 15, 2015, at Tijeras Creek Golf Course in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. This is a unique golf tournament that will be a full day of exciting events including a Longest Drive, Closest to the Pin, and Hole in One Contest as well as a Raffle, Auction, and many great prizes. 
This is an opportunity for your company to reach many clients and help raise money for this great cause. Please consider participating as a sponsor; for your sponsorship you will receive:
·         Company Name in all Promotional Material
·         Extensive marketing campaign
·         Display Table with Company Services
·         Foursome in Tournament
·         Sponsor Plaque ​at Tee Box: Yours to keep and display as recognition of your sponsorship 
·         Company Name Mentioned during Awards Ceremony
Your contribution of $____ is tax deductible and will provide you with all of the benefits mentioned above.

We sincerely appreciate your consideration - if you have any questions, please feel free to call us.
John Smith
Phone #
Website & Email 

Let us know if we can provide any additional information on soliciting sponsors for your next golf tournament - email  or call 1(877)GTS-0555 or check out our download page

by GTS on May 23rd, 2017

Being just a reality of the Golf Tournament world; your event and organization will be judged by the Gifts, HIO Prizes, and Awards that you give out and your future participation will depend on positive impressions in these areas. 

If you give out leftover and donated coozies and t-shirts, then "cheap" is how your organization will be seen. Your reputation depends on it. Golfers will come back if they get cool stuff. 

The Goodie Bag or Players Tee package is the first thing that the golfers get when they arrive at your event and it sets the stage for the rest of the day. The goal is to present the WOW Factor. You want your golfers to see the Goodie Bag and say “WOW” this is going to be a great event. You do that by giving out cool stuff. Give them VALUE, more than their moneys' worth.    

Don’t panic, this should not cost you anything. You can get all of the things that you want to give away paid for by somebody else. Here is how it works.
  1. 1Acquire the best products for your sponsor $$ by working with GTS. See HERE ​for some great ideas on our website.
  2. Build the price of the item into a sponsor package.
  3. Sell the sponsor buy putting their logo on the item.

Quality Golf Shirts $25 each. 100 golfers x $25 = $2500. Charge you Title Sponsor $7500 which covers the cost of the shirts and nets your $5,000.

Your reputation (and next year's event) depends on it so give your golfers a great goodie bag and watch them return year after year.    

Email us at with any questions!

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