GTS Custom Consignment Gloves

How would you like to give each of your golfers a premium golf glove, fit to their hand size, customized with your logo?
With the GTS Consignment Glove program, you can do just that!

All Sizing Issues 100% Eliminated

Consider: You are hosting a full tournament and expect 144 golfers to attend... how many men versus woman will be present? Who takes what size? How many left hand versus right hand golfers?!

Problem Solved:

Simply supply GTS with your: event date, digital logo for glove, and approximate # of total golfers (male vs. female if possible)
and we do the rest!

Within a few weeks you will receive:
  • 50% more gloves than approximate participants (to makes ure all participants receive proper hand and size)
  • Proper number of custom logo'd ball markers
  • Instructions and return shipping label

The best part is
You only pay for what you give away! All remaining gloves are to be shipped back and you will not be charged.
ZERO overbuying, ZERO sizing issues.. and a very memorable gift for your golfers!

$23.95 each - On Consignment

Premium Cabretta Leather with Customized Magnetic Ball Marker
Note: Ball markers are yours to keep (@ $2 each) - We only charge for ball markers over the # of gloves sold.
EX: 150 ball markers ordered, 130 gloves sold - we only charge for 20 ball markers.
*Minimum of 50 gloves for this consignment set-up*
Gloves arrive to you in easy to set-up boxes - bundled and labeled with sizes