Custom Tournament Pin Flags

Honor Your Sponsors and Impress Your Golfers
with High-Quality Customized Pin Flags

Our high-quality custom golf tournament pin flags are digitally printed so you can use any design you would like - no limit on colors, and each flag can recognize a different sponsor which makes them a GREAT deal - ideal for charity tournaments selling sponsorships.

Flags are official pin flag size at 20" wide x 13.5" high (standard PGA pin flag size) and come with a hard tube with a universal mount for use on any golf course's standard pin flag set-up.

All flags constructed of premium 400 denier nylon which is the same material courses use for their every-day use pin flags.

All flags have a one half inch, one-piece border, zig-zag stitch and Bar-tac reinforced corners.

One Side Printed (including hard tube)

18+ total: $35 each ·  1-17 total: $42 each

Both Sides Printed (including hard tube)

18+ total: $45 each ·  1-17 total: $50 each

Order Details:
  • Minimum order of 6 flags
  • There will be a one-time $40 Set-up Charge
  • +$5 for use of logos vs. text for sponsors due to art labor involved
  • Hard tube sewn into sleeve is optional, we can provide flags without hard tube for the same price. Ordering without hard tubes is recommended if you plan to mount the flags after the tournament or use for another purpose that requires the flags to lay flat. They will still be usable on-course during your tournament, but the hard tubes does allow for better functionality out on the course on the day of your tournament
For Non-Charity Tournaments: Customize the on-course pin flags for your event to really impress and give your event a professional tournament feel. If your tournament is a pro-am, have your pros sign the flags and give out as momentos.

For Charity Tournaments: Sell the pin flags for additional sponsorship revenue by printing sponsor’s logos and mounting the flags on the sponsor’s hole. Your sponsors can take their flag home as a momento.

Example Layouts:

Flags are 20" wide and 13.5" High