Breaking Down the Components of What Makes a Successful Charity Golf Tournament

There are several important parts of a charity golf tournament, but one of the most crucial elements is effective fundraising. The whole point of a charity golf tournament is to raise funds for a good cause, so it's important to have a clear plan in place to maximize donations.

Here are some tips for effective fundraising at a charity golf tournament:

  1. Set a fundraising goal: Determine how much money you want to raise and communicate this goal to participants, sponsors, and donors.

  2. Recruit sponsors: Reach out to local businesses and organizations to secure sponsorships for the event. Sponsorship packages can include things like logo placement on promotional materials, signage on the course, or the opportunity to include promotional items in gift bags.

  3. Sell tickets and merchandise: Offer tickets for the event and sell merchandise such as hats, shirts, or golf balls with the charity's logo on them to raise additional funds.

  4. Hold a silent auction or raffle: Encourage attendees to bid on items donated by local businesses or participate in a raffle for a chance to win prizes.

  5. Encourage donations: Make it easy for people to donate by setting up a donation station at the event or providing an online donation portal.

By focusing on effective fundraising strategies, you can help ensure that your charity golf tournament is a success and raises as much money as possible for your chosen cause.

To raise funds at your tournament - go with THE MOST EFFECTIVE FUNDRAISING PACKAGE since 2001: The GTS SuperTicket Pacakge

To recognize your sponsors and give them value back for their sponsorship money:

  • Sponsor Plaques: A GTS Signature item - continues to be the absolute best value for Sponsor Recognition given they serve as on-course signage AND as a gift for your sponsors.
  • Custom Pin Flags: These are the same high-quality pin flags used for daily play, hand stitched and sewn to your specifications. They are mounted on the pins for the day of your tournament to recognize your sponsors, and then you can hand out to your sponsors after your event as a thank-you and memento. Some tournament have even mounted them in shadow boxes before handing out to their sponsors.
  • Golf Cart Static Clings: Keep your sponsor’s logo in front of your golfers all day long and keep your budget in line with these non-adhesive golf cart sponsor static clings. They statically adhere to the windscreen of the golf carts, and are easily removed after the tournament is over.
  • Standard Plastic/Corrugated Sponsor Signage: This is the sponsor signage you see at most tournaments, AKA politics signage you see street side at voting time. We recommend not going this route as your sponsor money is better spent on sponsor recognition ideas that do not end up being thrown away after the tournament.

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