Don't Nickel and Dime Your Golfers!

Nickel and Diming: A huge mistake that charity golf tournament's make way too often.

The Solution: The GTS SuperTicket Fundraising Package - instead of selling items separately to your golfers all day, ask for one donation in the morning and leave them alone to enjoy their round for the rest of the day!

When a golfer attends a charity golf tournament they know they are going to be asked for donations in one form or another:  Mulligans, raffles, long drive shots, etc.

How you go about collecting the money can make a huge difference in the golfer’s perception of your tournament.  Most tournaments sell the items individually thinking they can make more money this way however, time and time again, it has been shown that this is not the case.  When you “nickel and dime” the golfers by asking them for money several different times before, during and after the tournament it becomes a real source of irritation.  They feel uncomfortable because they never want to appear cheap in front of their friends yet they don’t want to be reaching in their pockets all day.

Simply put, golfers come to a charity tournament to play golf – when you constantly solicit them they cannot enjoy what they came to do and will walk away from your tournament feeling fleeced, or even worse taken advantage of.

So the question remains, how do you make the most money? Simple: you bundle everything that you are going to ask the golfers to pay for in one package and sell it at registration – then leave them alone and let them enjoy their day of golf.  Our SuperTicket Fundraising Package does exactly this and the philosophy is simple: ask for one donation and leave them alone for rest of the day.

One of key items that every SuperTicket Fundraising Package offering should include is mulligans, golfers always want mulligans and including them in your offering costs you nothing.  However we have learned to never sell mulligans outside of your SuperTicket package as this will totally undermine your SuperTicket sales. If you offer a cheaper way to donate such as selling mulligans or raffle tickets separately, outside of your SuperTicket Package, the majority of attendees will go the cheaper route and you will make much less money in the end vs. offering the SuperTicket Pacakge as the only donation option. 

The most successful SuperTicket price is in the $30 to $50 price range, but the success is totally dependent on the value you offer – you have got to make it worth the money they are spending.  Value is key.

The items we include with every SuperTicket package to add value are:

  1. $10 Worldwide Golf Gift Cards Valid at: Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Van's Golf Shops, The Golf Mart, Golfers Warehouse, Edwin Watts, Unita Golf
  2. $100,000 Insured shootout for 5 Golfers
    • These 5 golfers are chosen, before the round, by selecting 4 SuperTickets at random from your turned in SuperTickets, along with the lowest score scratched 
    • This is a $475 value!
  3. (2) 3 day/2 night vacations for two; choice of 50 destinations throughout the continental US, Hawaii, and Mexico.
  4. Razor Golf Club Certificates for a custom fit Wedge
    • Custom fit: A choice of degrees and shaft flexes - $29.95 fitting, shipping, and handling
Beyond these items, you include the items that would normally be sold separate to your SuperTicket offering to create the best value possible for the golfers.

Below is a list of items and contests that we recommend including and that past tournaments have included in THEIR SuperTicket offerings:
  • Mulligans (at least 2)
  • Raffle Tickets
  • Drink Tickets
  • Helicopter Ball Drop balls
  • X Amount of String
    • The golfers can use this throughout the round for 'gimme' putts and to get out of bad lies
  • "Tiger's Drive" or "Bubba's Drive"
    • Usually on a par 5 - they automatically get to play from the spot a 300-330 yard drive would put them.
  • Putting Contest
  • Men's/Women's Longest Drive Contest(s)
  • Men's/Women's Closest-to-the-Pin Contest(s)
  • Men's Women's Straightest Drive Contest(s)
  • Hole-in-One Contests
    • Insure the whole field and if someone who did not purchase a SuperTicket gets a Hole-in-One, the claim will still be paid out but that money will go to the charity instead of the golfer that did not purchase a SuperTicket!
    • We print our Hole-in-One signage with an *eligible contestants only caveat which means if a golfer did not purchase a SuperTicket, they are not eligible 

Again, the idea is to put as many items as possible on your SuperTicket offering to offer your golfers the best value possible!

Give us a call or email with any questions you may have regarding ourSuperTicket Fundraising Package, we're here to help.

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