Fun and Exciting SuperTicket Ideas for Your Tournament

The following is a list of ideas to consider when preparing your SuperTicket offerings. These items/ideas have been offered by tournaments in the past and have worked well by adding value to those tournament's SuperTicket offerings. 

These items will only be open to golfers that purchased a SuperTicket.

Remember, the more you can offer your golfers with your SuperTicket, the better your sales and the happier your golfers will be!
1. Closest to the Pin
Along with “Longest Drive”, “Closest to the Pin” is the most popular contests added under 'Entry Into' on SuperTickets. This event requires asking the pro to set up a 'closest to the pin' hole - this is always done on par 3s, and usually there is more than one (some tournaments have it one every par 3). 

You should present the winner of this contest with an award - see our awards and trophies for options.

2. Longest Drive
This event is very similar to “Closest to the Pin” in the way it is run - a 'winners sheet' is placed on a stake in the fairway and it is filled out by a golfer that out drove the last longest drive entry.

A prize should be awarded for the longest drive: Mens & Women. See our awards and trophies for options.

3. Straightest Drive
In the same family as “Closest to the Pin” and “Longest Drive”, this is an 
opportunity for players to win a prize - see our awards and trophies for options.
Since the ability to hit the ball a certain distance is not an advantage here, the only 
requirement for this hole be that it is straight from tee box to green.
Before the event, ask the golf pro to chalk a straight line, right in the middle of the 
fairway, from the tee box to the green - however they will be plenty familiar with what needs to be done if you just mention you would like a 'straightest drive' contest set up.

They will place a 'winners sheet' out in the fairway where the golfers will mark where their ball ended up - if their ball is closer to the straight line than the last contestant on the sheet, they will move the marker to their ball's position and sign their name on the sheet. 

The same process is done with 'Closest to the Pin' on greens. 

4. Putting Contest 
A putting contest can be held before, during or after your golf tournament. You should have an award for the winner, as well as give him/her the opportunity to win a lot of $ on an insured putt. Having everyone else watch the putting contest winner take an insured putt for $5,000 or $10,000 creates A LOT of excitement!

See our Putting Insurance rates for more info.

5. Pro Drives for You
Here is another fun way for non-profit organizations to make money at a golf outing. This is a service called “Pro for Hire”. The golf course holding the event will provide you with a golf pro, who will be stationed at the longest and most difficult hole on the course. He will be there for the length of the day. This pro should be one who has a particular skill for hitting very long drives. When a team approaches the hole, if any of the golfers bought a SuperTicket - they will have the option of having the pro hit their drive for them.

6. "Tiger's" drive
With this, SuperTicket purchasers will automatically advance their ball to a particular spot in the fairway.. as if the pro hit their shot for them. These 'auto drives' should be at least 300 to 330 yards from the tee box and are usually offered on a long par 5. 

You can name it whatever you would like: "Pro Drive" "Phil's Drive" "Jack's Drive" etc.. 

7) String It Out
SuperTicket purchasers are issued a length of string, usually a bit over an arm’s length ( or about 4 feet) prior to the round's start. The string can be used at any time during the round by a player who wants to improve his lie. 

Example: A SuperTicket purchasers' ball is sitting down in heavy rough, but if they could move it just one foot, they would have a great lie. OK, they take out their length of string, string it out in 
the direction they want to move the ball. If the string reaches the point where they would
like to place your ball, they can move the ball.

The catch is that each time you use your string, you must cut off the amount of  string corresponding to the distance your ball was moved. Move your ball six  inches to get out of a bunker, cut six inches off your string (a ball can be moved out of any hazard other than a water hazard). 

The string can be used at any time, but, obviously, must be used judiciously or it  runs out pretty quickly. 

There are a couple options for the length of the string. All players can be issued the same length (usually a yard). In that case, use full handicaps. Or a player can be issued a length corresponding to his handicap. A 15 handicapper would get 15 feet of string; a 2 handicapper two feet. In that case, use partial (usually 3/4) handicaps.

Another variation on this would be to issue a standard size string which could be used over and over to improve the golfers lie and allow 'gimme' putts if it is within the length of the string. This REALLY helps to speed up play and keep the golfers from being too frustrated. 

8) Lob a Grenade/"Hand Wedge" shot
SuperTicket purchasers will have 1 'hand wedge' shot where they can pick up the ball and throw it. Ideal for those high handicappers that land in a greenside sand trap. 

9) Teeing off from the Red Tees!
SuperTicket purchasers get to tee off from the red tees on a specific hole.

Try to find 2 holes where there is a huge yardage difference between tee boxes,  a 
hole that is a par 4 and is possibly reachable with a good tee shot, or a very long par 5. 

Basically the items you can add to your SuperTicket are only limited by your imagination! Well and the actual logistics of the idea... everyone would like to have Tiger present to hit drives, but its not too realistic for most tournaments. 

The end goal is to make the golfer feel as though making their one donation in the morning was worth it - you accomplish this by loading AS MUCH AS YOU CAN into your SuperTicket offering and selling nothing outside of the SuperTicket (except raffle tickets).

Call us today for some more ideas on what to add to your SuperTicket offering!

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