Fun Games and Contests for your next Charity or Corporate Golf Tournament

Charity golf tournaments offer a great opportunity to engage participants and raise funds through fun games and contests. Here are some ideas to consider:

On-Course Contests

  1. Longest Drive Contest:

    • Award the player with the longest drive on a designated hole.
    • Offer separate categories for men and women.
  2. Closest to the Pin:

    • Players try to hit their ball closest to the pin on a par-3 hole.
    • Measure and mark the closest shot throughout the day.
  3. Hole-in-One Challenge:

    • Set up a prize (like a car or a vacation) for a hole-in-one on a specific par-3 hole.
    • Offer additional insurance for high-value prizes.
  4. Straightest Drive:

    • Mark a line down the fairway and award the player whose drive lands closest to the line.
  5. Beat the Pro:

    • Have a golf pro play a designated hole and challenge participants to beat the pro's score.
    • Participants donate for the chance to compete.

GTS Fundraising TIP: Incorporate the above on-course games into a custom SuperTicket Fundraising Package layout to increase your donation amounts! Only those golfers that purchase a SuperTicket (donate to your cause) are eligible to win the on-course contests. By using this leverage of saying "you'll donate to our cause AND have more fun" to increase your donation amounts vs. having the golfers just buy a few raffle tickets.

Fun and Unique Games

  1. Putting Contest:

    • Set up a putting green with a challenging course.
    • Charge participants a small fee to enter and offer a prize for the best score.
  2. Marshmallow Long Drive:

    • Players hit marshmallows instead of golf balls for distance.
    • Award prizes for the longest and most accurate shots.
  3. String Game:

    • Sell lengths of string to players which they can use to move their ball without penalty.
    • Players cut off the used portion each time they utilize the string.
  4. Mulligan Sales:

    • Sell mulligans (extra shots) to players, allowing them to redo a poor shot.
    • Limit the number of mulligans each player can purchase.
  5. Golf Ball Drop:

  • Sell numbered golf balls that are dropped from a helicopter or a high platform.
  • The ball closest to the target wins a prize.

GTS Fundraising TIP: Incorporate the above games/events into a custom SuperTicket Fundraising Package layout to increase your donation amounts! AKA: Only those golfers that purchase a SuperTicket (donate to your cause) are eligible to win the on-course contests.

Off-Course Activities

  1. Silent Auction:
  • Display items for silent bidding, including golf equipment, memorabilia, and experiences.
  • Encourage local businesses to donate items.
  1. Raffle Drawings:
  • Sell raffle tickets for a chance to win various prizes.
  • Draw winners at the end of the tournament.
  1. 50/50 Draw:
  • Sell tickets throughout the day with the winner receiving half the pot and the other half going to the charity.
  1. Photo Booth:
  • Set up a themed photo booth for participants to take fun pictures.
  • Charge a small fee or offer photo packages.
  1. Golf Trivia Quiz:
  • Create a golf-themed trivia contest.
  • Offer prizes for the highest scores and consider incorporating sponsors’ names into the questions.

Team-Based Contests

  1. Scramble Format:
  • Use a scramble format where teams of four play the best ball from each shot.
  • This fosters team spirit and is great for players of varying skill levels.
  1. Best-Dressed Team:
  • Encourage teams to dress up in themed outfits.
  • Award a prize for the best-dressed team.
  1. Team Skins Game:
  • Award prizes for the lowest score on each hole.
  • If two teams tie, the prize carries over to the next hole.

Fundraising Enhancements

  1. Sponsor a Hole:
  • Allow businesses to sponsor individual holes with signage.
  • Offer packages that include additional promotions.
  • Be sure to check out our Sponsor Plaques to recognize your sponsors on-course and also serves as custom gift for sponsors to take home
  1. Celebrity Appearance:
  • Invite a local celebrity or athlete to participate or make an appearance.
  • Charge extra for a chance to play with or meet the celebrity.

Post-Tournament Activities

  1. Awards Banquet:
  • Host an awards ceremony with food and drinks.
  • Present trophies and prizes for the various contests and achievements.
  • We provide custom high-quality awards at wholesale prices - see all current Award and Trophy options here
  1. Live Auction:
  • Conduct a live auction with high-value items or experiences.
  • Hire an engaging auctioneer to maximize bids.

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