Get the Look and Feel of a Professional Event for LESS

Pictured: Our GTS Signature Sponsor Plaques - the best way to recognize your sponsors out on the course AND serves as a custom gift for them to take home!


There is a lot of competition in the Charity Golf Tournament World - as a tournament organizer, you should be looking to present your tournament as bigger and better than the others in order to gain and bring back your golfers and sponsors.

Lets make our events look bigger and better - how you ask? A great first step is with signs and banners that welcome the golfers and recognize your sponsors. This gives the event a professional feel and a "wow-factor" as the golfers arrive. 

Almost all charity events have the same type of signs - plastic yard signs mounted on a wire that belong more on a street for a political race than at a golf tournament. Instead, we recommend upgrading your hole sponsor signage to our Sponsor Plaques; these high quality wood plaques serve as on-course hole sponsor signage AND as a gift for the sponsor to take home and proudly display at their home or office. This makes them feel good year-round about their sponsorship and your tournament gets recognized and advertised - a true win-win.

Professional Golf Tournaments use big signs, banners, and billboards. "Professionalize" your event with high-quality signs. Make signs bigger and more colorful. Use Sponsor Plaques to upgrade your hole sponsor signage vs. the standard and boring "plastic" signs. Your golfers will be impressed, your sponsors will love you, and other companies will want to be involved next year.
Signs That You Need to have a "Professional" appearance:
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  1. Tournament Welcome Banner: 3’ x 6’
  2. Sponsor Board for Registration Area: 4’ x 2’
  3. Hole Sponsor Plaques– 3’ x 4’
  4. Customized Pin Flags
  5. Sponsor Plaques on Putting Green
  6. Sponsor Plaques on Driving Range
​Feel free to send us a message to request a signage proof for your upcoming tournament!

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