Golf Tournament Fundraising: Sell the Golf Carts with Static Cling Sponsor Recognition!

Selling golf tournament sponsorships is one of the most important aspects of a successful and event.  Offering the golf carts as a stand alone sponsorship opportunity is a profitable (for you) and valuable (for your sponsors) way to help your event raise more money. 

The golf cart is the single most repetitive point of exposure for golfers during a golf tournament.  The players are in and out of the cart a 100 times and this translates into advertising impressions.  Having one player exposed to a sponsoring company's logo on a cart 100 times is more valuable than having that same player see a hole sign 1 time.  The golf cart is a valuable piece of property!  This has to be conveyed to the potential sponsoring company so that they see the extreme value.

One of the best ways to give your sponsor the best bang for their buck, is to have a static cling sign made that sticks on the cart.  Either on the acrylic windshield or on the front bumper.  These can be made for as little as $7.50 each and are printed in full color so the sponsor will be happy with how their logo or name appears. There is no glue or tape associated with these clings so the golf course personnel can apply and take off with ease, and no mess.

​Sell the sponsorship for $1,500.00 and if you have 100 players in your event, you will need 50 clings at $7.50 each.  You will NET $1,125 just from the golf cart sponsorship alone! Repeat the same for the two beverage carts that will be on the course - sell each beverage cart sponsorship for $300.00 and you will NET $585.00!
Sell both of these sponsorships to add an additional $1,710.00 to your bottom line.. not bad for just cart sponsorship.

Combine with our hand-made Sponsor Plaques, that sit on the tee boxes (sturdy wire stands provided) to recognize your sponsors and start at just $25, to really impress your golfers and sponsors!

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