Make Sure You Have Hole-in-One Prizes Covered at Your Golf Tournament!!

UH OH - looks like someone forgot to make sure they had coverage in place for their $53,000 truck! There are many stories out there about golfers hitting hole-in-ones and getting excited about the prize they won - whether it be a new car, or $10,000 cash, or an exotic vacation - only to later realized that their nightmare has just begun because the tournament organizers failed to purchase hole-in-one coverage (HIO coverage) for the prizes they had on their par 3 holes, or sometimes even worse, the company they purchased HIO coverage from is a fly-by-night operation with no real intention of paying out on a prize claim after taking your money. 

Here is a recent example of an HIO Prize nightmare 

Instead of worries and problems when a hole-in-one is made at your tournament, make sure all goes smoothly by having Golf Tournament Specialists provide HIO prize coverage at your event. To put your mind at ease, we are backed by AAA rated Neace Lukens and have never had a problem with quickly and easily paying out on a valid HIO claim. Our last claim was paid out on 6/6/22 for a $1,000 putt in Wisconsin!

You can check out all of our golf tournament HIO prize options here - or feel free to give us a call at (877)GTS-0555 if you had a custom prize in mind and would like a quote. We would love to hear from you and discuss your event. 

PS: If you run a charity golf tournament and/or are raising funds at your event, make sure to check out our SuperTicket Fundraising Package - you can use HIO prizes in conjunction with our SuperTicket Fundraising Package to SUPERCHARGE donations! Call for more details.

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