NEW IDEA: Custom Caddie Bibs for your Charity Golf Tournament


Golf tournaments are an excellent way to bring people together for a day of fun while also raising money for a great cause. Charity golf tournaments are particularly popular, as they allow golfers to enjoy a round of golf while also supporting a worth while cause. However, to make a charity golf tournament truly special, it's important to pay attention to the details.. such as caddie bibs!

Caddie bibs are a great way to enhance a charity golf tournament. Not only do they add a professional touch to the event, but they also provide yet another possible sponsorship opportunity. Here are just a few of the ways caddie bibs can enhance a charity golf tournament:

  1. Professionalism - After being handed out to your volunteers, caddie bibs instantly create a professional look and feel for the tournament. The bibs can be customized with the tournament logo or the logo of the charitable organization being supported, adding a personalized touch that makes the event feel more official.

  2. Identification - Caddie bibs make it easy to identify who is who on the course. This is particularly important if there are a large number of golfers, volunteers, and sponsors participating in the tournament. Caddie bibs can be color-coded to identify different groups of people, such as golfers, caddies, and volunteers.

  3. Sponsorship - Caddie bibs provide a great opportunity for sponsorship. Companies can sponsor the bibs, which can be customized with their logo, and the money raised can go towards the charitable organization being supported by the tournament.

  4. Souvenirs - Caddie bibs also make great souvenirs for the participants. Golfers and caddies can take their bibs home as a memento of the event, and sponsors can use the bibs as promotional items to give away to their customers.

Overall, caddie bibs are a great way to enhance a charity golf tournament. They add a professional touch to the event, make it easy to identify participants, provide a great opportunity for sponsorship, and make great souvenirs for the participants.

If you're planning a charity golf tournament, consider investing in caddie bibs to make the event even more special for this year, and years to come. Our Custom Cut and Sewn Caddie Bibs come from the same factory that supplies PGA Tour events! You can rest assured your bibs will last at least a few years, if you want them to.

We'd be happy to prepare a no-obligation virtual "mock-up" using your event's logo, any sponsor logos, name on back, etc. 

Please call or email us for additional information or if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you:

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