Our Best Advice for Having a Local Dealership Bring Out a Vehicle for your Golf Tournament

Our advice based on 20+ years experience of dealing with this very issue; we’ve found that dealerships are simply looking for a good return on their “investment” of providing a vehicle (taking it off the lot, exposing it to possible damage, etc.) and an employee to drop-off/pick up the car. Our advice comes in the form of questions - these are the important questions most dealerships will ask which will determine if they want to participate in your event or not:


Who is attending your tournament/what is the demographic?

Dealerships want to get their name in front of a target rich field of possible future customers and golf tournaments provide some of the best environments for doing just that. If your golfer demographic is a good fit for the dealership, this is a great way to tip the tables to make it worth while for them to participate in your event


Where is the event?

Proximity from the dealership is a huge make or break issue – ideally you’d want your tournament at a golf course within 25-35 miles of the dealership.


Who is paying for the coverage?

It goes without saying you’ll stand a much better chance of having a car donated for showing purposes if you are footing the HIO coverage bill


Aside from the above, personal relationships with any dealership employees will usually help – but, unless that contact is the GM at the dealership, they will have to get the go ahead which will come from the higher ups who really are only concerned with the 3 questions above at the end of the day.

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