Our Current Most Popular Golfer Gifts for your Golf Tournament

Our Current Most Popular and Recommended Logo'd Items for your Golf Tournament:
  • The Sauce Golf Zip Towel - a "transformer" type of golfer gift that can morph from goodie bag, to shoe bag, to seat cover, to club cover, to cooler!
  • These Custom Tournament Golf Belts are brand new from the PGA show – we can fully customize the set-up and appearance to highlight your logo, or a sponsor’s logo. Cut to fit so no guessing on sizing.
  • This new Pocket Caddie tool is quickly becoming a popular go-to pocket tool - brush, groove cleaner, divot repair, and ball marker all in your pocket or it can also magnetically attach to golf carts’ support beams to always be at-the-ready before/after a shot.
    • Ball marker custom customized with your logo.
    • They also make a Brush/Groove Cleaner only tool – see here
  • *Customer Favorite* Hand out Custom Cabretta Leather Golf Gloves with Your Logo on the Magnetic Ball Marker – provided on consignment to custom fit all golfer and send the rest back to us for no charge  - customers only pay for what is given out.
  • Resin Domed Poker Chips  - budget friendly and something that your golfers can use during their tournament round, and future rounds
  • New chair/cooler options here
  • Golf Cart Phone Caddy: are very popular and great for golfers that use their phone for yardages, etc.
    • Or maybe a Back-up Battery – always nice to have if your phone runs out of power
  • Umbrellas always end up being a great gift to keep the rain off or just some shade from the sun - see options here
    • Recommend this umbrella that has a nice wood handle and is nice and large at 58”
  • We've added a good amount of Drinkware options
    • Recommend this bottle – it has gone over well with other events
  • Logo’d Hats are popular for a good reason – all golfers love a quality hat that fits right!
  • These 14 oz. Double Wall, Vacuum Mugs are just like YETI mugs but much more reasonable in price at just $24 each w/one-color logo. I use this mug most mornings and also have a YETI mug - you can’t tell the difference between YETI and these performance wise.
  • These Insulated Cooler Bags have worked out great at other events for handing out items in the morning, or putting ice /drinks/snacks in and leaving on the golf carts for a nice surprise. Only $7.85 each w/one-color logo included
  • Magnetic Golf Towels continue to be a big hit this year – golfer’s love them so they don’t have to bend over every time to pick up their towel! These also make for a great display on the carts as the golfers arrive

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