Sponsor Plaques: The unique, high-class, budget-friendly way to recognize your sponsors!

If you are organizing a charity golf tournament, you know how important it is to recognize and thank your sponsors. One way to do this is by using Sponsor Plaques.

Sponsor Plaques are hand-made wooden plaques that are customized to recognize the sponsors of your charity golf tournament. They are presentation quality, meaning that they are designed to impress and convey your appreciation to the sponsors. You can use Sponsor Plaques in multiple ways to recognize your sponsors during the tournament.

On-Course Sponsor Recognition During the golf tournament, you can place Sponsor Plaques on the tee boxes of the holes being played. This is a great way to showcase your sponsors' logos and names to the golfers, other sponsors, and spectators. The plaques can be made in different sizes to fit on various tee boxes, and the customization options allow you to include the sponsor's logo, name, and a short message of gratitude.

Gifts for Sponsors After the golf tournament concludes, you can also use Sponsor Plaques as a customized gift to hand out to your sponsors during the banquet. The plaques can be engraved with the sponsor's name, logo, and a thank-you message, making them a meaningful and memorable token of appreciation. Your sponsors can display their plaques in their office or home as a reminder of their contribution to your charity.

Customization Options Sponsor Plaques can be customized in various ways to fit your charity golf tournament's theme, branding, and sponsors' preferences. You can choose from different types of wood (cherry wood or piano-finish mahogany), and 30+ stock backgrounds to choose from. You can also add a personalized message, quote, or scripture to make the plaques more unique and meaningful. The customization options allow you to tailor the plaques to your sponsors' preferences, making them a truly special and personalized gift.

Simply put, Sponsor Plaques are a versatile and impressive way to recognize and thank your sponsors during your charity golf tournament. They can serve as on-course sponsor recognition and customized gifts, making them a memorable and meaningful token of appreciation. With their customization options, Sponsor Plaques can be tailored to your charity's theme and your sponsors' preferences, making them a unique and special way to express gratitude.

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