What a Successful Charity Golf Tournament Looks Like with GTS


What does a successful charity golf tournament look like? We work with thousands of golf tournaments around the country and we see what the average golf tournament looks like compared to an ideal event. Keep in mind it is all relative what works for your organization and golfers - but here are some guidelines to follow to make your tournament more successful and more fun than the average charity golf tournament:
THE BASICS, you need:

  1. A worthwhile cause
  2. Well connected committee members to bring in golfers
  3. A few months to plan
  4. A great golf course private or high end country club
  5. GTS SuperTicket Fundraising: to create excitement and raise money at your event
  6. Sponsors: Use our signature Sponsor Plaques for great on-course recognition AND as a custom gift for your sponsors to be presented with during your banquet.
  7. Golfer Teams
  8. Awards


Sponsors: $20,000
Golfers: 120 @ $150 =$18,000
SuperTicket Fundraising: $5,000 (110 golfers purchase @ $50 per SuperTicket)
Auction: $20,000
Appeal/ Donations: $20,000

TOTAL: $83,000
Golf Course: 120 @ $75 = $9,000
GTS SuperTicket Fundraising: $1,100 (120 printed, 10 unsold and returned = 100 @ $10 each)
F & B: 120 @ $35 = $4,200
Gifts and Prizes: 120 @ $40 =$4,800
Website: $500
GTS Sponsor Plaques: $1,000 (40 @ $25 each)
Photography: $1,000
GTS HIO Prizes: $1,000
​GTS Awards GTS Awards for your Winners: $800

TOTAL: $23,200
*NET PROFIT: $59,600*

Your results may vary but this is a great guideline to shoot for. Give us a call or email with any questions.

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