Where to Start? A Step-by-Step Example of a Great First Meeting for any Charity Golf Tournament

Where to Start??

Organizing and hosting a successful first year charity golf tournament can be a tall order! Let GTS help by getting you on the path to success with your first tournament. Here is a great step-by-step example of key items to go over during your first committee meeting, and provides a time tested model of member titles and task delegation.



Initial Meeting Agenda for Charity Golf Tournament Committee

Welcome and Introductions

  1. Opening Remarks

    • Chairperson welcomes everyone.
    • Introduction of committee members.
  2. Purpose of the Meeting

    • Overview of the charity golf tournament's goals and objectives.
    • Explanation of the charity cause and beneficiaries.

Overview of the Tournament

  1. Event Details
    • Date and location of the tournament.
    • Format of the tournament (e.g., scramble, best ball).
    • Expected number of participants.

Committee Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Committee Structure
    • Chairperson
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    • Co-Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Sponsorship Coordinator
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    • Marketing and Communications Coordinator
    • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Logistics Coordinator
    • Player Registration Coordinator
    • Auction/Raffle Coordinator

Delegation of Tasks

  1. Chairperson

    • Overall coordination and oversight.
    • Ensuring all tasks are on schedule.
    • Liaison with the golf course management.
  2. Co-Chair

    • Assisting the Chairperson.
    • Stepping in when Chairperson is unavailable.
    • Overseeing specific tasks as delegated by the Chairperson.
  3. Treasurer

    • Managing the budget.
    • Tracking all incoming and outgoing funds.
    • Providing regular financial updates.
  4. Sponsorship Coordinator

    • Identifying and approaching potential sponsors.
    • Creating sponsorship packages.
    • Ensuring sponsor benefits are delivered.
  5. Marketing and Communications Coordinator

    • Developing marketing materials (flyers, posters, social media posts).
    • Coordinating with local media for coverage.
    • Managing the event's social media accounts and website.
  6. Volunteer Coordinator

    • Recruiting and managing volunteers.
    • Organizing volunteer training sessions.
    • Assigning roles and schedules to volunteers.
  7. Logistics Coordinator

    • Coordinating with the golf course for all logistical needs.
    • Arranging for tents, tables, chairs, and other necessary equipment.
    • Managing on-site logistics during the event.
  8. Player Registration Coordinator

    • Setting up online and offline registration processes.
    • Handling player inquiries and registration issues.
    • Ensuring smooth check-in on the event day.
  9. Auction/Raffle Coordinator

    • Gathering items for auction and raffle.
    • Organizing the auction/raffle on the event day.
    • Managing auction/raffle logistics and follow-up with winners

Key Milestones and Deadlines

  1. Timeline of Tasks
    • Setting dates for task completion.
    • Regular progress meetings.

Discussion and Q&A

  1. Open Floor for Questions and Suggestions
    • Addressing any concerns or ideas from committee members.

Next Steps and Closing

  1. Next Meeting Date

    • Scheduling the next committee meeting.
    • Assigning any additional tasks as needed.
  2. Adjournment

    • Chairperson thanks everyone for their participation.
    • Meeting adjourned.


  • Distribute meeting minutes to all committee members.
  • Provide a detailed task list and deadlines to each member.
  • Ensure regular communication and updates via email or a project management tool.


Please call or email us for additional information or if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!

1 (877) GTS-0555 or INFO@GTStournaments.com

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