Your 2021 Charity or Corporate Golf Tournament

2020 was quite a challenge for all, especially for those groups and organizations that host corporate and charity golf tournaments. Why? Well it was almost impossible to have everyone gather after the tournament for dinner and awards, and sponsors were hard to come by given the economic climate and uncertainty. Now we all need some good news: with vaccines and practical solutions the possibility to hold your golf tournament in 2021 is looking better and better!

How about some MORE good news? Golf courses have been doing record numbers this year - rounds are up 40-50% YoY across all US golf courses as golfers look to get outside and enjoy a round of golf after all the stay at home orders. Given this upward momentum in golf play, 2021 looks to be a GREAT year for charity and corporate golf tournaments - record interest and attendance is anticipated after most events were postponed or cancelled in 2020.

As for sponsors, many companies are doing much better and are looking to sponsor charities/events again given the future is looking brighter.

Now is the time to start planning for your 2021 event - the earlier the better no matter what time of year your tournament might be, however spring tournaments need to get the ball rolling ASAP!

There many things to be doing even if you have snow on the ground - here is a sample check list that can get you started. Take your event to the next level by following these beginning steps for a successful 2021 Tournament:
  1. Pull your committee together and assign job responsibilities - if you get 9 people on your committee and assign them the task of signing up 4 foursomes each, you will have a full field of 144 golfers!
  2. Do a survey with previous attendees - find out what they liked and what they didn't and update accordingly for this year's tournament
  3. Call 5 golf courses and get available dates and rates - see if they would be willing to donate a two some or foursome to add to your SuperTicket Fundraising Package offerings. This is a great way to sell more SuperTickets at no additional cost!
  4. Put together list of previous year’s sponsors and new potential sponsors
  5. Create sponsor packages including a GTS Sponsor Plaque to recognize each sponsor our on the course AND to provide them with a nice custom gift to hang on their wall at the office after the tournament 
  6. Put together a list of potential golfers. If you have had us supply our SuperTicket Fundraising Package in the past, you already have the golfer's name, phone #, and email that donated to your cause in the past if you have saved your previously played 18-hole Warm-up Round Scratcher cards. These golfers should be contacted ASAP!
  7. Start looking for a great golfer gift for this year customized with your logo - view GTS offerings here

We offer Logo'd gifts for your golfersSuperTicket Fundraising ($3k avg. profit), Sponsor PlaquesBanners, HIO Prizes for your Par 3sShootout Cash PrizesPutting PrizesAwards and Trophies, and anything else tournament related you might be shopping for.

We are a complete resource and always available to our customers to provide any insight or guidance given our 20+ years of tournament experience - we have seen it all! We know what works and what doesn't so don't hesitate to ask.

Feel free to call or email us for additional information or if you have any questions:

1 (877) GTS-0555 or

We look forward to assisting you however we can in 2021!

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