Putting Claim

Congrats on your successfully made putt at your tournament!

Please reach out to us by phone or email ASAP (949-582-1600 or INFO@GTS59.com) to let us know the name and address of the winner so that we can file an initial claim of the putt being made - then proceed by printing out the required forms we will need the winner and witness(s) to fill out. We highly recommend you do this on the day of the event to ensure no issues.

Download putting winner affidavit and witness affidavit forms here


To process the claim we need you to have the following filled out by the winner and witnesses:

  • Page 1: Winners Affidavit (have golfer that made the putt fill this out)
  • Page 2: Witness Affidavit (must be over 18 and saw the putt made)
  • Page 3: If prize amount is greater than $10,000, have a second witness (over 18) fill out this form

This is what we will need to successfully process the claim:

  1. Winner's affidavit
  2. Witness affidavit
  3. 2nd Witness affidavit (only if prize amount is greater than $10,000)
  4. Original pairing sheet of the tournament showing winner as registered participant
  5. Full video showing putt being measured and made
  6. Copy of the winner's drivers license

Please submit this info to us ASAP by emailing to INFO@GTS59.com.

Call with any questions!